2-1-Soil Importشرکت توپراک روی گستران- فعالیتها

Due to the reduction of mineral soil extraction of the country's mines, which has caused a decrease in the production capacity of zinc ingot factories, this company is among the companies that are looking for mining exploration abroad and providing zinc mineral soil needed by factories. This company tried its best to do this and was successful as a result.

Soil Import

2-2- Zinc ingot export

This company has acted in the form of a contract to convert soil into zinc ingots and exports the ingots obtained from this place to neighboring countries including Turkey in order to import zinc mineral soil and deliver it to zinc ingot production factories. Also, this company is one of the exporters of Zinc concentrate production machinery equipment.

 Zinc ingot export 

2- 3- Investment in mining exploration

Investment or participation in the exploration and exploitation of zinc mines inside and outside Iran is some of other activities of this company.

  Investment in mining exploration